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The stunning short film Breath which Onward is producing for the Norwegian artist Eva Bakkeslett had its premier this month at Nord-Norsk Kunstnersenter in Svolvær, North Norway. The film is in competion in the Norwegian film festival Grimstad in June.

Breath is a film about the poetic journey of air that surrounds us and flows through us continuously. We breathe the ethereal force of life through our bodies. Every creature inspire and transform the air and add some of their own entity in the mixture before it is passed on. We all share each other’s breath.

Breath reveals the invisible connection that forms the essence of life and binds everything living into an inseparable network. The breath leads the way through the ever changing journey – invisible but present, moving and reshaping, rhythmic and regular, a part of you but only for a fleeting moment before it enters another human, an animal, a plant or transforms itself into a cloud. Air that has travelled over continents, imbibed birds and animals, rustled in leaves, billowed through pipes and flowed through earth and ocean.

Inspiration and spiritual connections are exhaled by the carefully selected voices of philosopher and writer David Abram, physicist and systems thinker Fritjof Capra, physicist and activist Vandana Shiva, biologist and lecturer Stephan Harding and yogi Sudhir Tiwari resonating throughout the film.


Eva Bakkeslett_pass stills_Real_lungs_72




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