Post Production video in Covent Garden

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I spent last week compiling footage and sending off rushes as after 4 years of intermittent shooting by the director Eva Bakkeslett and myself, her latest video BREATH is now in post production at STORM Hd in Covent Garden, London. Her editor is Martin Cooper who worked for AngelTV and myself on Animate Earth in 2011. Martin is perfect for the job and and has wanted to work on Breath since 2010 and I´m really looking forward to seeing the result.


About the film

The film is a poetic account of BREATH as the connection between all life on earth: we all share each others breath.  As you will see from the trailer we have filmed steam, mist, respiration, pollution and three interviews in Nordland, Norway, NYC, Iceland, UK and Oslo. BREATH will be premiered in early 2015: watch this space…


Who was involved

Produced and filmed by Eva Bakkeslett and Clive Ardagh
Edited by Martin Cooper
Directed and conceived by Eva Bakkeslett



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