Video art

We have shot and produced several award winning films for artists which have been screened in galleries and at festivals worldwide.

These have included the films Breath, and Alchemy by the artist Eva Bakkeslett. The latter was screened at Documentary Fortnight at MOMA New York.

Before studying film we studied at art school, enabling us to tune into our clients’ requirements and help them realise their ideas. Video Art projects are very much a collaboration –  we operate the camera while the artist directs us, and then we edit the film together to give the artist ultimate control.

ALCHEMY-THE POETICS OF BREAD, an award-winning short film we shot and edited with the Norwegian artist Eva Bakkeslett. Screened at Doc fortnight, Museum of Modern Art, NYC and various festivals.(Camera/editor)

“A poetic evocation on the alchemy of bread brings the act of baking the most basic of staples, into a high art form. Here nature and human culture collude. Hands pounding, mixing, kneading and stretching, reveal the choreographed rhythms and movements of bread making. Alchemy is a beautifully executed and lyrical film about an activity once ubiquitous in almost every household.”

We are currently developing a project in Manchester with artist/activists Sally Gilford and Natasha Carnac. The project will offer craft workshops to refugees and asylum seekers.