Meet Clive and Adam

The team

Meet Clive

With extensive experience in the film world, Clive has been involved in crafting a wide variety of video material. As well as his BA in Film Production, he also has an MSc in Holistic Science, specialising in sustainability, philosophy and ecology.

Away from work, Clive is a big fan of the great outdoors – whether that’s walking, hiking or cycling – and, in keeping with his passion for the environment, he is also interested in issues connected to sustainability, food and farming. In fact, having recently moved to East London, he is now looking forward to getting involved with his local city farm.

He also enjoys going to the theatre and attending art and photography exhibitions – as well as the cinema, of course, so that he can stay up to date with all the latest film trends. So which of his own films is he most proud?

“That’s a difficult question as we always put our all into every project,” says Clive. “However, the latest one that comes to mind is a film we made for a vegan skincare brand. I think we managed to create something quite special for them – both aesthetically, as we shot it in a beautiful location in Kent, but also technically, as we were using a favourite camera of mine, the Canon 5d, with some amazing Carl Zeiss lenses.

“We tailor every film to the client in question. Having started out making documentaries, I think my own style of film-making tends to reflect that. So, whilst we can definitely do slick if needed, my own preference is for quite a realistic, authentic style of film-making, with minimal music and special effects. I believe it also helps to create a sense of trust in the project.”

Meet Adam

“Making films has always been my great passion, ever since I was at film school with Clive back in the 90’s,” says Adam. “Like Clive, my background is primarily in documentaries, so we have a shared vision aesthetically, and we also share a similar outlook on life. I think we both find it incredibly rewarding to be helping clients from all walks of life to capture the best of what they do in film.

“It’s fair to say that a lot of organisations out there aren’t embracing audio-visual content on their websites as much as they could be – often because they think it’s going to be out of their price range. However, we pride ourselves not only on offering first-class film work but also competitive rates that work for small and medium-sizes businesses, as well as larger corporates.”

Like Clive, Adam has always had an interest in green issues and sustainability – and, not surprisingly, a passion for cycling too. As project manager for the aforementioned cross-party committee on the subject, he spends much of his time either thinking, writing or talking about conditions for cyclists and how they can be improved.

“I’m a very passionate cyclist of all types – from road-riding to off-road,” says Adam, who lives with his wife and two children in North London. “But, even just locally, you’ll often see me on my bike, heading to the park, with our little dog sitting in the basket at the front.”

So back in the world of film, what is it that he enjoys most about being behind the camera lens?

“I think it’s just the satisfaction of telling the story of our clients in a creative and interesting way,” says Adam. “Pretty much everyone has a website these days, but not everyone has good video. There is so much potential for audio-visual content.”