Hornsey Sixth Form College

Following the enthusiastically received film for Hornsey School for Girls we were asked to make a film for the Hornsey Sixth Form College. They wanted to convey the qualities of a small sixth form college, to present their students and to show their grades and results.


“Adam and Clive have made 2 films for us this autumn. Both were promo videos for our school and sixth form. The films are fantastic, engaging, creative and uplifting. Clive and Adam were incredibly professional and extremely accommodating and flexible. They were solution focused and adapted to any challenges that arose.


They were able to make people feel comfortable when being filmed and coaxed the best out of both staff and students. Their attention to detail in terms of shots, lighting, sound etc was faultless and the overall outcome therefore was clean and professional. I would strongly recommend this company.”


Fenella Hewett, Director of Learning for Year 11 and Acting Assistant Head Teacher Post 16