Clive Ardagh is the founder of Onward Productions. 

I am interested in how people are connected to their surroundings, their environment and to nature. This has led me to long and short documentaries, art videos and promotional films. I have lived half my working life in Norway and worked extensively there and over the border in Russia with refugees, schools, artists and activists and my local communities. In the UK I have made numerous promotional videos for organisations mostly working in sustainability, cycling, agriculture, locally produced food and drink and museums. My extensive research via 2 masters has revealed the need to create a new discourse in this area and to embrace complexity rather than reducing it, as is so often the case in the media.

In recent years natural disasters, extreme weather, pandemics and mass migration have put the future of our planet in focus. Dispensing with mechanistic approaches, we are increasingly turning to the “planetary” where humans, technology and the natural world come together to form interconnected ecosystems. Averting humanities self-destruction calls for creative and bio-focused approaches looking at inter-related processes rather than linear ones which are often hard to convey.